A few videos

After weeks of smoke-filled skies, the air suddenly turned crystal clear! So grateful for one more day in paradise. May all beings live there and be happy.

Here are a few humble videos to share with my friend who recently experienced a heart attack and is embarking on a heart healing program of which yoga can be a valuable part.

I believe everyone needs yoga. There are as many types of yoga as there are practitioners. It’s really about learning to listen to your body. To take good care of your body with mindful movement, to love your body and give it healthy food, good sleep and everything it needs to thrive. May you find healing in bringing these practices into your life.

Here’s a link to a great guided meditation by one of my favorite teachers, Joseph LePage. This is a nice introduction to the mudra, which is a gesture or posture that is used in yoga to create specific energetic effects on the body and mind. Here he ties the different parts of the mudra to the five elements and all of the myriad aspects of our being.

Hakini Mudra and The Five Elements – YouTube