Fairview Yoga

Come and enjoy an outdoor yoga practice on a deck among the trees and birds, overlooking the San Francisco Bay.  Gaze down a hill to a quiet canyon with a pond and seasonal stream, relax on a chair or a yoga mat and let the calming beauty of Nature soothe your soul.  Release stress and strain through movement therapy tailored to your body.  Join a meditation circle and help create a supportive community for enlightening our spirits.  Learn about natural ways to build health and wellbeing.  Enjoy an escape from the urban scene, right here in your own back yard!

Morning view of San Francisco from the deck

Yoga on demand

Please contact me if you are interested in learning about how yoga can be practiced for healing. Yoga therapy is a different way of teaching in which the practices are tailored to an individual’s specific needs, goals and limitations. The idea is to learn how to best take care of your body and your mind, to facilitate moving in the direction you want to go. This may involve performing yoga poses and movements, attention to and modulation of the breath, and moving into stillness and meditation. Ayurvedic principles will also be applied to the suggested practices and advice on diet and lifestyle adjustments are also available to assist in your ongoing healing and evolution.

You are never too old to practice yoga. No matter your limitations, you can practice yoga. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Don’t let any thoughts of physical limitations stop you from discovering the benefits of these healing practices.

Sunset over the Bay
Another yearly free event: Yoga & Sound Healing on the deck with Beth and Diane

My purpose

I intend to spend the rest of my life learning, practicing, and teaching about these healthy practices to optimize my own health and wellbeing and that of my friends, family and students. As I once read on a Yogi Tea bag tab, “To learn, read; To know, practice; To master, teach”. I am blessed to have continuing opportunities to do all three and I welcome you to join me on this path toward an ever-unfolding sense of wholeness, wellbeing and joie de vivre.

Diane enjoying a seated mountain pose

Please contact me if you have questions and/or would like to join the yoga classes or make an appointment for a yoga therapy session or Ayurvedic consultation.